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2013 was a pretty boss year for movies, right?

Right. But it has nothing on 1994, one of the all-time great years in cinema.

Look at the movies that came out that year: The Lion King, Ed Wood, Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Speed, The Professional, Interview with the Vampire…we could be here all night, folks.

However, it was also a shitty year in cinema. Richie Rich anyone? How about Frankenstein (which they’re doing again this year, for some reason). The Flintstones? Bad Girls? Yeah, we could be here all day.

It’s like there were no movies that were OK that year: either you were really good or really bad. (The one exception being Time Cop: that was OK).

So, for 2014’s third official Throwback Thursday of the year, we look back at the year in cinema in 1994, and why it was the best and worst year for films.

In 1994, Disney released their greatest movie

They also released their worst: 

Like, EVER. 

The world was introduced to Sandra Bullock. 

Reintroduced to John Travolta. 

And we said goodbye to Brandon Lee 🙁 

We figured out that My Girl just wasn’t the same without Macaulay Culkin.

(Where’s his glasses?)

And Macaulay Culkin just wasn’t the same without Home Alone.

Not at all.

It was a terrible year for video game movies.

There were some killer action movies to come out. 

And…some strange ones. 

It was a bad, bad year for some of film’s most iconic movie franchises.

It was still cool for movies to be kinda racist. 

Tupac SLAYED his performance in Above the Rim. 

It was a tough year for the Wayans brothers. 

A great year for Jim Carrey, though. 

No, but, really, some of the greatest movies ever came out in 1994.

Just look at the Academy Award Best Picture nominees: 

Even though they gave the Oscar to the wrong movie. 

And no, Forrest Gump wasn’t the best picture to come out that year.

No, we’re not trying to argue with you either. 

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