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86th Academy Awards Nominations Announcement

It’s Oscar season and aside from the horrible hosts (we’re rooting for you, Ellen!), the beautiful gowns and hopefully, Jared Leto and his bun, that means something else.

The nominations for the 86th Academy Awards.

And frankly, it’s the most important part of the night. But when noms were announced on Thursday morning, some of us cheered, some of us cringed, and mostly everyone was thankful that Leonardo DiCaprio was given a nod for his portrayal of real-life Wall Street playboy, Jordan Belfort (The Wolf Of Wall Street).

Because damn…that man deserved an Oscar back in his Gilbert Grape days.

And while the anxiety induced by Oscar nomination announcements is always annoying…


This year was particularly disappointing. Like…

When we learned that someone really deserving wasn’t even up for a nod:


No Idris for Mandela? SNUB!

When we realized this might be the year Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY gets an Oscar and developing real anxiety over the possibility:


A day late and a dollar short, Academy. Get it together…

The fact that a totally vomit-inducing movie with almost zero dialogue might win ALL the awards:


We still love you Sandra…

That moment we realized this guy wasn’t in the running for Fruitvale Station:


And blaming society’s discomfort over highlighting the protection paramilitary forces are granted after killing innocent people as the reason…

I mean…come on:


Nom…and we don’t mean nominations…

Learning that Blackfish, a documentary about the horrors of Sea World, wasn’t up for Best Documentary:


Guess we’re the only ones who care about the orcas…

The pure disbelief that the Academy didn’t enjoy Monsters University:


Just evil…

That fact that nominations probably made this all-mighty woman cry because The Butler was left out of major categories:


You don’t make Oprah cry, you just don’t…

And the disappointment we had when that same movie with a damn good cast and an important, accurate depiction of segregation in America didn’t even get a second look:



And lastly, watching everyone on the internet do this because their favorite movie (or actor) of the year was nominated:


Guise, was Bruce Dern in Nebraska really better than Joaquin Phoenix in Her?

While a salty you does this:


But at least our new fave, 12 Years A Slave’s Lupita Nyong’owas nominated…    



For a complete list of nominations, click here.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Giphy

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