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Beyonce may be a Houston native, but she’s still got mad love for Brooklyn.

In fact, she loves Brooklyn so much, she used one of its most famous landmarks as the backdrop for a music video. To shoot “XO” off her hit visual album, Bey and her crew made their way to the iconic Luna Park in Coney Island. They shut down the park, hit all the rides and played every game because – why not?

Fortunately, the cameras shooting the video weren’t the only ones rolling that day. As usual, Queen Bey had someone on stand-by snapping photos of her and her posse riding roller coasters, shootin’ some ski-ball and killin’ it on the bumper cars. She’s finally decided to share those photos on her blog.

Bey’s resident photog snapped plenty of pictures during the shoot, including photos of signage around the park, shots of Bey’s ***flawless outfit and, of course, pics of her posse having a blast with the boss lady and one another.

During their day out, Beyonce and her back up dancers made sure to hit all the best rides at Luna Park. They were photographed speeding up and down the wooden hills and drops of the Cyclone, the park’s wooden roller coaster.

Before wrapping the shoot, Bey had to show the park’s staff some love. Mrs. Carter posed for a photo with Luna Park workers and showed off her Roc.


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