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Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t holding anything back when it comes to some controversial national issues.

In an exclusive interview on Thursday with MSNBC, Holder spoke about new voting rights legislation, dismissed the new government watchdog report, which declared some of NSA’s programs illegal, but most shockingly, denounced America’s War on Drugs and highlighted the jarring racial disparities within.

“This mass incarceration happens with a cost,” he said. “If you look at the way it impacts certain communities,” Holder continued, “let’s be honest about this, communities of color – where young men who should be the future of these communities are taken out, labeled” and prevented from pursuing life as “productive citizens” – they often bear the brunt of tough sentences.

“People have to be held accountable for individual decisions that they make,” Holder stressed, “but we need to have proportionate penalties” and the chance for people to rehabilitate after making a mistake.

He then pointed to the excess of mandatory minimums in the War on Drugs, a practice he reformed last August.

“I think we have a moment in time now where Congress, as well as those of us in the executive branch, [may] pull back just a bit.” He continued, “I hope that will be a part of my legacy.”

Looks like we’re finally moving forward. Hopefully.


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