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If you follow Drake Bell on Twitter, then you definitely know by now that he is definitely not a Belieber.

In fact, the former Nickelodeon star is pretty much the opposite, since he hasn’t been hesitant to share his disapproval of Justin Bieber‘s behavior lately.

This week gave Drake an opportunity to really go in on the Biebs, after he was arrested in Miami for a DUI and had a mug shot released.

Drake posted a photo of Justin’s mugshot next to a picture of some Proactiv skin treatment bottles, writing “I’m Proactiv.” on his mugshot.

He also captioned the photo on his Twitter:

“Arrested,vandalized property in multiple countries,Egged a house, busted for drugs, and he still gets endorsements!!”

These two have been at Twitter war for some time now, but this might definitely become a breaking point.

Do you guys think Drake was being childish, or did he raise a good point?


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