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Turning 40 wasn’t going to change a thing about Kate Moss; the supermodel is still very much on her job, most recently as the yellow-haired star of Alexander McQueen’s latest ad campaign.

After a longstanding relationship with the brand, Kate was tapped to star in their most recent ad campaign, but as things are with the fashion house, the ad got a little dark. The campaign film features the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, directed by Steven Klein and featuring Kate Moss. Klein’s film for the brand is as creepy as things get, as it is inspired by the voyeuristic 1960s British thriller, Peeping Tom.

Also starring in the ad is a kinda unnerving, but also super fashionable mini Moss doll, who’s styled to match the model.

Check out the shots from the ads below and the very dark fashion film in the link above.