Oh, what was that? Someone’s trying to come for the queen? Nah, Nicki Minaj isn’t having that. While the internet was abuzz about Lil Kim accusing Nicki of stealing her swag yet again, the Head Barbie in Charge couldn’t be bothered with the nonsense. Rather than responding to the “Identity Theft” accusations, she just “shitted on ’em” in typical Onika fashion. The […]

Always be yourself. Unless you can be Beyonce. No, you can’t be Bey (not in this lifetime, at least), but you can at least steal her style, so all hope isn’t totally lost, right? Wrong. We still want to be her. So badly. But we’ve got to build a bridge and just get over that. Instead, we’ll just […]

Turning 40 wasn’t going to change a thing about Kate Moss; the supermodel is still very much on her job, most recently as the yellow-haired star of Alexander McQueen’s latest ad campaign. After a longstanding relationship with the brand, Kate was tapped to star in their most recent ad campaign, but as things are with […]

In a week that has been heavy with a racial overtone following the acquittal of George Zimmerman, it’s hard to read stories like this one, but very necessary.  According to The New York Post, A former Alexander McQueen security guard is accusing two of the brand’s retail employees of such severe and horrifying racial harassment that it almost drove him to […]

  Mariah Carey is out here straight flexing on Instagram, and apparently on the American Idol stage too.  The diva wanted to remind the world how fabulous MiMi really is, when she sat in her judges’ chair at the singing competition show decked to the nines in an Alexander McQueen dress. PHOTOS: Happy Birthday! The “Dance […]

Nicki Minaj has entered 2013 a whole new woman. Ever since the start of the year, the Pink Friday rapper/singer has revamped her whole image to be much more sophisticated compared to her previous wild and crazy look. PHOTOS: Uh, OK! Nicki Minaj Designs Couture Clothing…For Her Perfume Bottles In a new photoshoot, which she shared photos […]

Let’s all be honest, when it comes to the sneaker game, the fellas have always had a head start. However Puma is taking strides to fix that. For the Spring 2013 season, Puma has teamed up with both Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan for a capsule collection of women’s sneakers that are fly enough for […]

Who knew that gummy bears could be used in the world of fashion?! The sweet treats were used to make an Alexander McQueen–inspired dress that would be featured in Twelve Magazine’s debut issue. STORY: Lady Gaga Spent How Much on an Alexander McQueen Dress?! Designers Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi created the dress out of […]

Take a good look at the dress above. How much would you guess that it costs? If you guessed $133,075, you would not only be right, but one hell of a good guesser!  Lady Gaga broke records on Wednesday night by paying the highest price ever paid for an Alexander McQueen creation at an auction. PHOTOS: […]

One would think that Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton have zero in common, but the reality star and the Duchess of Cambridge share one other thing besides both having a ‘K’ moniker. Kate was spotted wearing a red dress that Kim K. sported last year while grocery shopping! Photos: Kim K Rocks All Sheer Everything At the Hard Rock […]

As Americans, we have seen just about every type of stamp design under the sun. From cartoon characters, to plant life and Presidents, the stamp has forever been used as a medium to promote things that were created in the Great U.S. of A.  STORY: Kim K. Is Headed To London With Yeezy For Some […]

During Fashion Week, we don’t think there’s any designer that puts on a show quite like Alexander McQueen. Even after his untimely passing in 2010 at the age of 40, his successor Sarah Burton has managed to help his legacy to live on with the same type of theatrical gowns that McQueen will always be […]