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Justin Bieber is chilling in Panama with no worries despite his recent arrest. As it turns out, things might have all been a bit blown out of proportion.

After Usher went to Panama to have a heart-to-heart talk with his protegé, things seem to be straightening out for Biebs. According to the latest reports, neither Bieber nor his rapper friend Khalil were drunk when they got pulled over for drag racing and arrested.

TMZ reports:

Khalil was the guy driving the red Ferrari last week, and got booked for DUI and drag racing — but TMZ has seen the data from his breathalyzer and the numbers don’t lie … his blood alcohol level came up 0.00 both times he blew for cops.

Bieber’s blood alcohol level was just a tiny .014 at the time. Plus, the footage shows that Bieber and his friend were only going around 50mph during their alleged drag race. 50mph in a Lambo is no race, if you ask us.

Bieber’s alleged new chick, Chantel Jeffries, who is rumored to have been with Khalil, Justin Combs and more, is now rolling with Justin, and she’s kicking it in Panama as well. She watched from the side as the boy superstar shot an impromptu video with ATVs and a lot of fans.

She also laid out and worked on her tan.

Guess all these breaks are why Drake Bell wants Justin Bieber deported. The former Nick star tweeted a link to a petition to send the pop star back to his home country. The petition on already has over 60,000 signatures and is just 38k away from its goal of 100k.

Drake, you hating or nah?

SOURCE: TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Instagram

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