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Don’t you, for one second, front like you weren’t absolutely enthralled when Paris Hilton dropped “Stars Are Blind” and “Fighting Over Me” featuring Jadakiss. You wanted to hate these songs so badly – but you were wrangled in.

Then, after an oversaturation of the pretty blonde and her little chihuahua, Paris Hilton slipped away for a while, and nobody complained. Now she’s back, but not with a Simple Life; she’s back with a Cash Money record deal, and Birdman on her arm.

If you were confused by their juxtaposition on the Grammy red carpet, one trip over to Paris Hilton’s Instagram will clear things up for you. She’s all about nice cars, private jets, and posing with her “crew” at Jay Z concerts.

While most of the photos are just of Paris being Paris (aka wearing clothes) the other percent is an exemplification of her Hip-POP life. Don’t believe us? Check out some excerpts from her ‘Gram below.

Proof: Strategic Birdman placement on the red carpet.

Proof: A middle finger from Lil Wayne. Bonus points for sunglasses in a nightclub.

Proof: Everything in this photo from the Grammys.

Proof: This photo of Quincy Jones and the caption about them going “way back.”

Proof: This photo of the new Nicki in her life. Bye bye, Nicole Richie.

Proof: This caption that read: “Killing it at the Jay Z Concert with my crew.”

Proof: This pouty-faced snap with the first lady of Taylor Gang, Amber Rose.

And the nail in the coffin? Her very own private jet.

Yep. Seems like Young Money is the perfect home for Paris.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram 

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