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The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman has proved to be a reality check for some friends who were with the actor in rehab receiving treatment for their addictions.

According to a source being treated alongside Hoffman at a Narcotics Anonymous and rehab facility, The Hunger Games actor’s death is not in vain. A group of people have decided to take his death as a wake up call to finally rid themselves of their addictions once and for all; for themselves and for Hoffman.

According to TMZ:

TMZ spoke with a woman in rehab with PSH — we kept her name confidential for obvious reasons — and she says a bunch of people in rehab and Narcotics Anonymous with Hoffman made a pact after he died to not only stay sober from now on for themselves … but also for Philip.

In the case of his friends currently receiving treatment, this has become the silver lining to the dark cloud that is Philip’s death.

We wish them the best of luck overcoming their addictions. For more on PSH’s death click here, and to see coverage of his funeral, click here.