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A 19-year-old female is currently awaiting trial after killing a man who hired her for sex through Craigslist, but a new interview reveals she’s guilty of much more.

Miranda Barbour spoke with the Daily Item through a jailhouse phone and revealed she stabbed the victim 20 times because he still pushed to have sex with her even after she told him she was 16-years-old.

Being a victim of molestation in her childhood, this was the boiling point that set Barbour off. She also revealed that she has murdered over 22 people since she was 13-years-old!

She revealed that after 22 murders, she stopped counting. Barbour has admitted to being part of a Satanic cult for awhile, which seemingly led to her behavior.

When speaking on if she had any regrets for her actions, Barbour said that she didn’t, and admitted:

“If I were to be released I would do this again.”

Wow, we will keep the victims’ families in our prayers.