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It’s hard to believe Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa welcomed their beautiful baby boy into the world one year ago today.

That’s right! Sebastian, aka The Bash, has been gracing the Internets – and Wiz and Amber’s lives – with his adorable face and perfectly chubby physique for one whole year.

And how is he celebrating his first birthday? Above, it looks like Wiz is reading to his baby boy. SO cute! Amber IG’d…

Initially, Wiz and Amber kept Bash pretty much under wraps, providing just snippets of his adorableness – a pair of chubby legs here, a chubby cheek or two there. They’ve since decided to give the people what they want and waited so long for, and now we’re hooked. Is it just us, or does Sebastian get cuter by the picture?

To celebrate his first birthday, we gathered (almost) every picture of Bash in existence for your viewing pleasure. After all, he is just about the coolest hip-pop baby out there – sorry, North West.

Check it out.


Precious! Wiz & Amber’s Son The Bash’s Cutest Pics Ever (PHOTOS)
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