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Another juror has spoken out about the mistrial of Michael Dunn, insisting that race was never a factor in the case.

According to CNN, Juror No. 8, Creshuna Miles, had a lot to say following the Jordan Davis case. Last week, Dunn was tried on counts of attempted murder in the shooting death of Jordan Davis. Jurors could not come to an agreement on the final count of first-degree murder, although he was found guilty of multiple other charges. 

Miles tells CNN that she believes Dunn is a good guy who made poor decisions that fateful day:

“I honestly think he was a good guy. I don’t think he hates everyone and wants to shoot at everyone. I think he made bad decisions.”

She went on, saying the defense convinced her that Dunn shot the 16-year-old in self-defense, but changed her mind when she learned that he voluntarily engaged in an argument with Davis and the other teenagers in the SUV.

“I was defending him. I really think he was guilty of murder but not the first charge. I believe it was self defense until he chased the car down….We took a vote that day [Saturday] and I got so nervous, I thought ‘what if we completely messed up?”

Miles, who at 21 was the youngest member of the jury, told CNN that race was not a factor. She insisted that the jury never once thought of it as a ‘white on black’ crime.

“I just want everyone to understand that race was never brought up. It was about justice. When I walked into it that’s what I wanted to bring. Whether it was for Dunn, Jordan Davis or whoever, that’s what I wanted to do.”

As the court prepares to retry the case his summer, Miles wants the Davis family to know that she fought for Jordan:

“I would tell them from my end I tried, I really tried. Everyone felt that he was guilty.”

The court will meet again on March 24 to discuss a sentencing date. Dunn faces up to 60 years in prison.


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