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This is interesting…

Kid Cudi got to stretch his acting chops once before on the HBO show How To Make It In America, during which he pretty much played himself (minus the whole rapping career). This time around though, Cudi will be playing the assistant of the loveable hard-ass Ari Gold in the new Entourage movie, set to come out in 2015.

So essentially, Kid Cudi will be the new Lloyd – except taller, cooler, and possibly (probably) a weed enthusiast. But that doesn’t mean that the original Lloyd and Ari relationship doesn’t live on.

Scroll down below to see our top 6 moments between Lloyd and Ari.

It all started when Lloyd initially pledged his “undying loyalty” to Ari.

“Shut the f- up Lloyd!” is pretty standard in this relationship.

After Ari got the boot, Lloyd gave him a much-needed assistant-to-boss talk. In a scene like this with Cudi, we imagine this conversation would involve a lot more weed and possibly a jam out session to angry Kanye rants.

Despite all the bashing he gave Lloyd on the daily, Ari still had his back with his relationship woes.

Who can forget when the tables were turned and Lloyd finally shut down Ari?

Then of course, this gem…