The action thriller also stars Jeremy Piven, Terrence Howard and Lil Yachty. Check out the trailer right now!

This is interesting… Kid Cudi got to stretch his acting chops once before on the HBO show How To Make It In America, during which he pretty much played himself (minus the whole rapping career). This time around though, Cudi will be playing the assistant of the loveable hard-ass Ari Gold in the new Entourage movie, set […]

NFL star Rob Gronkowski is one step closer to getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. OK, we may be reaching with that one, but it has been confirmed that Gronk just signed on to star in the new Entourage movie. The goofy New England Patriots tight end is set to play himself […]

Spy Kids is continuing their saga of butt kicking and world saving with a fourth installment, but this time in 4D! The action-packed kids movie, Spy Kids 4: All the Time In The World features actor Jeremy Pivens playing alongside the beautiful Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba Wants More Action & More Watermelon! Although Jeremy is most well […]

Everytime Nick Cannon pops up on a blog somewhere, his name in the post always starts or ends with the words ‘corny,’ ‘goofy’ or something like that. This makes me very curious to know what is it that makes him corny? I’m not on the dude’s d*** or anything but I’ve been sitting here trying […]