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You already know what you get when you put Will Ferrell, a bunch of kids and First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama in a room — hilarity.

And that’s exactly what ensued when the two sat down for a public service announcement for Obama’s “Let’s Move,” a campaign — an effort to fight childhood obesity by teaching youngsters about healthier lifestyle choices.

In the adorable clip above, Ferrell and the First Lady ask kids participating in their focus group about their favorite vegetables and fruits. But while the kids rattle off strawberries, cucumbers and bananas, Ferrell (in all his faux-serious comedic charm) asks if diet cola is a vegetable.

Of course, laughter erupts.

“What’s so funny?” Ferrell asks.

“You’re funny,” one kid says. “You know what, you’re funny,” an embarrassed Ferrell replies.

It doesn’t stop there. When FLOTUS inquires about the kids’ favorite comedian, things get a little awkward.

“Jimmy Fallon,” one kid yells out. “That’s mine too,” says another child.

Ferrell, clearing his throat obnoxiously to be noticed, stares down the children.

“Anybody else?” he asks. “You’re lucky I didn’t ask them who their favorite first lady is,” he whispers to Obama.

Watch the hilarious video above.

SOURCE: YouTube/Lets Move

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