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A day after the Twitter-sphere blew up with comments regarding the lack of diversity on Pharrell Williams‘ G I R L cover art, the Producer of the Year had a heart-to-heart with GlobalGrind about discrimination, black women and why arguments about him perpetuating colorism are void.

“My life is filled with black women,” Pharrell told GlobalGrind. “Black women running my company; I’m married to a black woman, and my mom, who is a black woman, is a huge force in my business.”

He continued, touching on the expectations of him as a black artist in such an influential musical space.

“There should be no misconceptions or anyone misconstruing anything when it comes to me and women. You should know me better than that. I’m all about diversity.”

He added:

“All one has to do is look at the ‘Happy’ video. We don’t discriminate. Like, never be confused as to my love for a black woman. I have love for all kinds of women.”

G I R L, which Pharrell told GlobalGrind is like a “love letter to all women,” drops in stores March 3rd.

Check out a livestream of the album, including the Oscar-nominated song “Happy” and his next single, “Marilyn Monroe,” here.

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