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Earlier this week, news of a theft at Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s Tarzana, CA home surfaced online. But now it looks like KoKo and her ex-hubby may not have been the only victims.

According to TMZ, $50,000 cash was taken from Kourtney Kardashian’s house last month and cops believe the two crimes may be related. The site reports that Kourt believes it’s an inside job, as does Khloe, who is allegedly demanding staff, movers, inspection people, and her film crew all take lie detectors in connection to the $250,000 worth of jewelry taken from her and Lamar’s home.

TMZ explains:

Given the timing and the fact that Kourtney and Khloe work with so many of the same people, we’re told police believe the two thefts are connected. Cops plan to question people who had access to Kourtney’s house around the time of the theft — and they’ll give special attention to people who ALSO had access to Khloe’s house.

In other domestic Kardashian news, the site also reports that the mansion the infamous family uses for exterior shots during its reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians may be up for sale.

The new owners will have the right to pull the plug on the Kardashians’ use of their home. TMZ reports:

“Sorry to burst your bubble — but the outside view of the ‘Jenner House’ from KUWTK isn’t the house the family actually lives in — we’re told Kris and co. didn’t want to show the outside of their real house (located 20 miles away) for security reasons. It’s a pretty common trick in Hollywood — except it’s usually used for TV shows that shoot in studios or on sound stages. Not really in ‘reality.'”

Are we the only ones shocked by this? 


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