A N.Y. couple did the right thing when they found a treasure in their backyard.

Security Video Of Safaree Being Robbed Released Video of the Safaree being robbed has been released by TMZ. According to them : In the video  you see Safaree next to his vehicle in a parking garage in a red fur coat, when 2 men who appear to be lying in wait run up on him […]

Donald Glover wasn’t lying when he said it’s robbin’ season. Unfortunately a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Ohio had to learn that the hard way. Last week, a group of people boosted $10,000 worth of gear from a Dick’s located at the Liberty Center Mall. Even though that’s only like 4 Nike track suits with […]

Yep, you read that right! Two thieves were caught on camera attempting to rob a convenience store but their efforts were interrupted by a third armed robber with an even bigger gun. Instead of the three crooks working together, the two thieves had a change of heart and helped take down the third robber. You have […]

Crime took a turn for the weird this week when one former NBA player tweeted about a recent robbery. Charlie Villanueva, who last played for the Dallas Mavericks, made a post saying his Dallas home was burglarized. The weird part about everything is the robber decided to take appliances, including his toilet. Twitter couldn’t help […]

21 Savage isn’t playing games in his new music video for “Bank Account.” Him and his shooters take over a whole building, and bad luck has it that Mike Epps is around during the big heist. Watch how the comedian handles the situation in the video below.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been one year since Kim Kardashian‘s traumatic Paris robbery — probably because people haven’t stopped talking about it — but the star’s style switch up proves that some things have indeed changed. Before when you thought of Kim, adjectives like “flashy” and “pompous” probably came to mind. But since […]

Fetty Wap is cutting his ties with anything and anyone that doesn’t make him money — including his assistant, Shawna Morgan. According to TMZ, the “Trap Queen” rapper fired Morgan over the weekend after claiming that she stole at least $250,000 off his bookings, and falsely representing herself as his booking agent and manager. Fetty’s RGF […]

We know that ladies love Drake, but apparently so do home invaders. On Thursday, a man was arrested for trespassing on the rapper’s Hidden Hills property after being caught hiking in Drizzy’s backyard. According to TMZ, a security guard patrolling the site and noticed the guy before ordering him to leave. The intruder reportedly became […]