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back to the future nike mags

Source: getty / Getty

Donald Glover wasn’t lying when he said it’s robbin’ season. Unfortunately a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Ohio had to learn that the hard way.

Last week, a group of people boosted $10,000 worth of gear from a Dick’s located at the Liberty Center Mall. Even though that’s only like 4 Nike track suits with Dick’s prices, a crime is a crime.

Police have photo evidence of the booster posse, but where was the manager and store security when $10K worth of merchandise was being smuggled out?

The robbery news also comes on the heels of the sporting goods hub catching major flack for legally selling a shotgun to the Parkland shooter. The worst part about it is that folks are actually boycotting Dick’s for their decision to stop selling rifles and double down on gun control.

2018 is not a good year for Dick’s apparently.