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Kim Kardashian West Celebrates The Launch Of KKW Beauty

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been one year since Kim Kardashian‘s traumatic Paris robbery — probably because people haven’t stopped talking about it — but the star’s style switch up proves that some things have indeed changed.

Before when you thought of Kim, adjectives like “flashy” and “pompous” probably came to mind. But since making her return to the spotlight following the dark incident, Mrs. West has kept her jewelry, makeup and clothes to a minimum. Back when the robbery was being investigated, authorities told Kim that her constant bragging and posting on social media about her diamond ring (and other extremely expensive things most of us can’t afford) is what lead thieves to her in the first place.

These days, Kimmy opts for looks that are just as demure as they are jaw-dropping. Check out of 7 Kim K’s best toned-down looks since her robbery:


              This is a whole new type of nude for Kim.


          No jewelry and light makeup can still make a fashion statement.


                               Less is more.


       She even kept it classy at this year’s MET Gala.

                             Simplicity is key.


                    Oh, just a clean, casual slay.


                              Laid-back Keeks.


Are you here for the klean-kut Kim Kardashian?


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