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Everyone has heard Barack Obama address the issue of crime on men of color in Chicago.

Now, people who do not live in Chicago get to experience the everyday life of a Chicagoan first hand. Chicagoland, a new docuseries, debuts March 6 on CNN.

It chronicles a pivotal year in the life of a major heartland city and introduces the struggle of some memorable locals, including Elizabeth Dozier.

Dozier is a young principal who has transformed her South Side high school from what had been a daily war zone, into a safe haven in a neighborhood still riddled with gang violence.

The docu-series was created by independent filmmakers Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin, whose work includes award-winning series Brick City, a portrait of Newark, N.J., and Cory Booker, its then-mayor, that aired on Sundance a few years ago to great acclaim.

Check out the above video of the Common Sense Caucus as they discuss the series.

Tell us, will you be watching?

SOURCE: Associated Press | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty