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As if being arrested for a DUI and losing Selena Gomez isn’t bad enough, Justin Bieber has landed himself in more hot water.

As of today, the Miami Beach Police Department released over 9 hours of footage and photos of Justin Bieber’s arrest back in January. Some of the footage and photos include Bieber doing push ups and taking a sobriety test.

But today, the Miami PD upped the ante by releasing footage of Bieber taking his urinalysis test.

TMZ confirmed that Bieber indeed failed the test, as it came back positive for weed and Xanax. Some may feel that Bieber is being targeted and put on blast because of his celebrity status, but Miami PD stated that Bieber is not entitled to any special privileges or privacy.

One good thing about all of the Bieber behavior? We get to see every last tattoo on his body; they certainly took enough photos.

Check out all of Bieber’s ink in the gallery below.


Miami PD Share Pics Of Justin Bieber’s Booking (PHOTOS)
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