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Vladimir Putin has been called a lot of things since he decided to invade Ukraine and defend his actions.

Bully. Hitler. Some things we don’t feel comfortable typing here.

But upon further inspection, we realized that the Russian president is acting a lot like a Disney villain. Like, eerily so. And no, it’s not just this picture that’s got us thinking that he may be chilling with the likes of Ursula, Jafar and Scar…

But his whole attitude in the week following the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula and the growing tension between the U.S. and Russia is the archetype for a Walt Disney bad guy.

After he sent thousands of armed troops to Crimea on Sunday to “defend” the Russian population in the region, following the fleeing of Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych (who was replaced by a new, weak interim government), Putin’s just playing the waiting game like:

Putin, always the opportunist, used the crumbling of the Ukraine’s government as a chance to gain some land in the Crimea Peninsula.

And then he stood around to watch the shit hit the fan after troops loyal to Moscow fired warning shots at unarmed Ukrainian soldiers on Tuesday:

And when President Obama finally spoke out, calling him out for his actions and telling reporters at the White House that Putin was “on the wrong side of history,” he’s just all like:

And promptly replied with a news conference to basically say he gave zero fucks and wasn’t acting aggressively towards the Crimean Peninsula. He also urged Western critics to put aside “geopolitical calculations” in favor of the interests of the people in the former Soviet Republic:

Obama struck back, proposing to send an aid bill to Ukraine. But Putin’s all like:

Then, Obama signed an executive order giving his administration powers to freeze U.S.-based financial assets and property of Russian officials responsible for the country’s military intervention in Ukraine. But probably reeling from his win on the world’s stage during the Syria conflict, he’s all like:

Meanwhile, Russian troops just keep multiplying in Russia thanks to Putin:

And the whole U.S. is watching, hoping for a peaceful solution to deal with Disney’s newest villain. All the while, it doesn’t look like he’s backing down. In fact…

Like, is that not a villain laugh?

And basically, this whole Ukraine/Russia and kind of U.S. conflict is looking a lot like this:

And if Putin is anything like Scar…then we’ve got some problems.

But if you’re not convinced that the Russian president is practicing for his new role in animation, maybe this will help. Because we’re pretty sure this…

Is this…

We’re just saying…

PHOTO CREDIT: Giphy, Getty

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