Ken-ya save us though, former POTUS? Asking for the country.

They didn't just hack the election, they probably hacked your timeline, too.

It’s no secret. President Obama and his arch nemesis political pal, Russian President Vladimir Putin aren’t the best of friends. I mean, they’re cordial. They have their issues, like the recent Ukraine crisis or last year’s Syria debacle. But they still show face for the camera and shake hands, as is done in the world of […]

Early Monday morning, Hennadiy Adolfovych Kernes, the mayor of Kharkiv, the second biggest city in Ukraine, was shot in the back while jogging. Kernes is currently in surgery and is said to be “fighting for his life.” Officials are unaware the motive behind the shooting or who was involved. Meanwhile, as the debate increases in Ukraine, the U.S. […]

The U.S. has a message for Russia — they have “days, not weeks” to abide by an international accord aimed at stemming the crisis in Ukraine. A top U.S. diplomat in Kiev delivered the warning on Monday, as Vice President Joe Biden launched a show of support for the pro-Western Ukrainian government. Read about it here…[HuffPost] […]

Hip-Pop Hooray! On Thursday, President Obama announced that 8 million people have signed up for plans through the insurance exchange, crushing the original 7 million enrollment goal. “This thing is working,” Obama said. Read about it here…[ThinkProgress] An arrest has been made in connection to the death of Canadian teen Amanda Todd, who committed suicide […]

After being left out of the NCAA tournament just last year due to academic sanctions, the University of Connecticut won its fourth national title Monday night, beating Kentucky 60-54 at AT&T stadium. Catch highlights here…[ESPN] Russia is ready to go to bat. On Tuesday, the country said that any force in Ukraine’s eastern region would […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin is flexing his muscles yet again. The country has deployed 30,000 military and militia units along its border with eastern Ukraine, according to U.S. and European sources familiar with official reporting. The 30,000 figure represents a significant increase from a figure of 20,000 Russian troops along the border that was widely reported in […]

Shortly after President Obama addressed the nation on Thursday to announce broader economic sanctions on Russian officials, Russian President Vladimir Putin turned around and did the same thing. In addition to signing a bill to complete the annexation of Crimea, Putin announced sanctions against several top American officials, including Speaker of the House John Boehner […]