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In the era of fake news, information is a weapon and Russia is fighting like it’s 2084.

While Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un play nuclear chicken, Vladimir Putin‘s government reportedly created fake social media accounts, like the popular Blacktivist Twitter and Facebook pages, to intensify America’s racial division during the 2016 election.

Congress is now investigating the accounts, which posted mostly about police brutality and racial inequality.

The Blacktivist Facebook account had more than 360,000 likes – that’s more followers than the verified Black Lives Matter account currently has.

The account also promoted seven events and some posts even specifically targeted divided communities in Missouri and Baltimore.

CNN has more details on how the Russia connection was discovered and how Congress will respond:

The Twitter account, @Blacktivists, provided several clues that in hindsight indicate it was not what it purported to be. In several tweets, it employed awkward phrasing that a native English speaker would be unlikely to use. It also consistently posted using an apostrophe facing the wrong way, i.e. “it`s” instead of “it’s.”

The Blacktivist Facebook account was among the 470 Russian-linked accounts identified by the social media network and disclosed to Congress earlier this month, the sources said. The matching Twitter account was among the roughly 200 accounts Twitter identified with links to those found by Facebook.

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