A viral video resurfaced of 13-year-old Naira Tamminga, speaking in front of the Grand Rapids city commission board. Watch the speech inside.

Netflix released documentary series Race: Bubba Wallace yesterday (Feb. 22). The series follows Wallace, the only Black NASCAR driver currently in NASCAR's Cup Series, as he uses his voice and talent to change the sport. We spoke with Wallace and director Erik Parker about the series. Watch the interview inside.

The state of Virginia orders to take down the 12-ton Robert E. Lee statue that has been placed in Richmond since 1890. More than a year later, legal matters have been settled to remove the city's largest Confederate monument. 

A new bill (Assembly Bill 3121) has been approved and will force the state to address its part in the continual oppression of Black people. 

A jewelry brand shut down business after receiving a ton of backlash from social media and consumers, who accused its creators of profiting off of Black death.

A national strike, dubbed the Strike For Black Lives, will see BLM supporters around the country walk off their jobs and more.

The company is catching some heat — and rightfully so; head inside to see their statement.

12-year-old Keedron Bryant went viral after posting his heartbreaking protest song "I Just Want To Live" and now he's got some amazing news to share; head inside for details.

An arrest warrant has been issued in the gruesome case of Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells. The 27-year-old transgender Black woman’s mutilated body was found floating in a Philadelphia river last week and now police say 36-year-old Akhenaton Jones is the suspected killer. ALSO: Black Queer-Owned Fashion Brands To Support During Pride Month & Beyond “Police say […]

With all that's going on in the world right now, we need to celebrate Black culture and Black history as much as possible — and Spotify is doing just that.

As support for Black Lives Matter deepens, Vanessa Morgan is speaking up about the injustices she's faced in the television industry.