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It’s no secret.

President Obama and his arch nemesis political pal, Russian President Vladimir Putin aren’t the best of friends.

I mean, they’re cordial. They have their issues, like the recent Ukraine crisis or last year’s Syria debacle. But they still show face for the camera and shake hands, as is done in the world of politics.

But on Friday, which was also the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion on the beaches of Normandy, the awkward tension was too thick to ignore. At one point Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II became a buffer between the presidents.

No, seriously. That happened.

Obama was all smiles as the leaders gathered on the steps of the grand Chateau de Benouville for the group photo. He took his place in the front row next to Queen Elizabeth and waved and shook hands with other leaders.

But the U.S. leader steadfastly avoided any contact with Putin when the Russian leader took his place just a few feet away. French President Francois Hollande and Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II joined the British monarch in serving as a shield between Obama and Putin.

As the photo ended, Obama lingered with Queen Elizabeth while Putin sidled up to Hollande for the short walk to lunch. But the two pairs were soon back to back, with Obama so close to Putin that he could have easily reached out and tapped him on the shoulder.

Instead, Obama continued his conversation with the 88-year-old queen. More than once, he slowed his steps, putting some distance between him and Putin.

The two did, however, manage to exchange words inside the French chateau where they attended a leaders’ lunch. It was the first time since the Ukraine crisis that the two spoke face-to-face.

Awkward Friday encounters aside, this isn’t the first or the last time either president will have to go out of their way to avoid each other because of their dislike for one another.

And it may be a little high school, but we think Obama has some legit reasons to ignore the dude. Remember this?

You can sound off below on the last comment, but before you do, take a look at these other awkward moments that are so uncomfortable, they almost embarrass us.


Awkward Exchanges Between President Obama & Vladimir Putin That Make Us Cringe (PHOTOS)
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