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Russian President Vladimir Putin is flexing his muscles yet again. The country has deployed 30,000 military and militia units along its border with eastern Ukraine, according to U.S. and European sources familiar with official reporting. The 30,000 figure represents a significant increase from a figure of 20,000 Russian troops along the border that was widely reported in U.S. and European media last week. But what Putin plans on doing with the troops, well, that is still unknown. Read more here…[HuffPost]

Guess who else is flexing his muscles, not surprisingly? North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un is now requiring every man in the country to copy his haircut. The new rule was implemented about two weeks ago. If you recall, there are only about 28 hairstyles approved by the North Korea government (10 for men and 18 for women). And now….well, just one for men. And it looks like this…[Gawker]

Duck Dynasty is at it again. Fresh off his father’s comments about gays and blacks in GQ magazine, Willie Robertson is spewing his anti-gay vitriol to CNN. “Phil just said what he thought, you know, what was on his heart,” the younger Robertson said, noting that his father “did some paraphrasing” of the book of Corinthians. “I believe what the Bible says,” Willie Robertson insisted, comparing LGBT people to drunks and thieves. “And that’s what he says to put those in.” Read about it here…[Jezebel]

A graphic 911 call made by a 10-year-old girl as her mother was being stabbed to death was played in a Ohio court on Tuesday in the case of Glenn Wong, who is accused of killing Tami Wong last February. “My daddy’s murdering my mom,” the girl can be heard saying. “I don’t know what’s happening. He has a knife, he has a knife, he has a knife.” To read more about the tragic case, click here…[DailyMail]