If there was a list of Donald Trump‘s biggest enemies, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would probably be in the top ten. The two have consistently been at odds by flexing their missile power and at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, two comedians decided to make fun of the beef. One guy […]

The supreme leader got some love from the people of New York City.

North Korea is claiming to have found the cure for HIV, Ebola, various cancers, and more. New reports say the miracle drug is actually extracted from ginseng. Gawker sarcastically explains: The compound, Kumdang-2, is allegedly extracted from ginseng using fertilizer, rare-earth elements, gold, and platinum, and solves every health problem with a single injection. It’s […]

Kim Jong-Un and his Defense Commission in North Korea are speaking out after the U.S. reportedly shut down the country’s internet service this week in response to North Korea hacking Sony. According to TMZ, the leader’s mouthpiece called President Obama a “monkey” for forcing the release of the controversial film The Interview, despite denying being involved in […]

On Thursday, the White House responded to the Sony hack blamed on North Korea, calling the act a “serious national security matter,” adding that the Obama administration was monitoring it very closely. The White House did, however, stop short of outright blaming North Korea. According to the Huffington Post: U.S. government sources said on Wednesday […]

Last December, I flew up to Vancouver, Canada to visit the set of Seth Rogen and James Franco‘s upcoming movie The Interview. It was cold, but as I walked into the old bike-shop-turned-movie-studio, I noticed almost everyone had a smile on their face. They were close to finishing the movie; I got to see James and Seth […]

In what U.S. officials are deeming an attempt to turn the tables, North Korea is speaking out about the police brutality in Ferguson, calling the U.S. “a graveyard of human rights.” The comments were made by a Foreign Ministry spokesman on Tuesday. The U.S. has long criticized North Korea, calling it one of the world’s worst […]

So this is happening. Seth Rogen and James Franco are getting some harsh criticism from Pyongyang for their newest movie, The Interview, in which the two play a TV host and producer sent to North Korea to assassinate leader Kim Jong-un. In fact, officials are calling it “an act of war.” “The act of making […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin is flexing his muscles yet again. The country has deployed 30,000 military and militia units along its border with eastern Ukraine, according to U.S. and European sources familiar with official reporting. The 30,000 figure represents a significant increase from a figure of 20,000 Russian troops along the border that was widely reported in […]

Dennis Rodman has had a rough couple of months. After his infamous CNN interview about his trip to Korea and rambling about American prisoner Kenneth Bae, the former NBA star entered a rehab vicinity in New Jersey. According to E! Online, Rodman’s rep Darren Price confirmed his treatment this morning. This marks the third time […]

He’s sorry, guys. Dennis Rodman apologized for the CNN interview where he implied that an American man detained in North Korea deserves to be imprisoned. He also admitted he was just a tad bit inebriated. Rodman was visiting the country to celebrate dictator Kim Jong Un’s birthday. “I want to apologize,” Rodman said. “I take full […]