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When in London, do as the Londonites do.

Beyonce has been enjoying the nightlife scene in Londontown during her Mrs. Carter World Tour, including a night out on the town with Jay at The Arts Club in Mayfair.

Beyonce was spotted the night prior enjoying the spot, and she liked it so much she went twice, this time with Swizz Beatz and in tow.

For the occasion, Beyonce slipped into a simple, yet cute, number from one of her favorite inexpensive brands: Topshop. She opted for a Satin Stripe A-Line Dress. The structured satin dress featured short sleeves and A-line skirt with navy stripes and retails for $140.00. Check out some more snaps of Beyonce in the dress below.

The dress was a cute fit, but earlier in the night while performing, Beyonce’s skirt wasn’t as complacent. Mid-performance, Beyonce “Twerked her skirt off” and played it off like a pro. Check it out in the video below.

Meanwhile, Jay and Swizz had a bromance moment while exiting The Arts Club. Very cute.


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