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If you haven’t checked out Comedy Central’s new show Broad City, you probably should. The show (which was originally a webseries) stars two friends named Ilana and Abbi as they go through hilarious adventures around NYC (like going on a city-wide quest to get Lil Wayne tickets, and committing small robberies).

But the best thing about the show is the women’s undeniable ride-or-die relationship. We couldn’t help but think of all the other TV friendships that made us wish we were part of.

Scroll down below to see some of TV’s best duos.

Larry and Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm 

While this relationship stemmed out of pure chance, it was full of heart-to-hearts like the one above.

Troy and Abed on Community

Even though Donald Glover left Community to focus on his music, the Troy and Abed relationship lives on as one of the dorkiest, but most adorable bromances.

Turk and JD on Scrubs

Turk and JD’s friendship certainly took an amount of dedication that no one could understand, but wish they had.

Tom and Donna on Parks & Recreation 

Everyone needs a friendship like this for a day like this. Treat. Yo. Self.

Shawn and Cory on Boy Meets World

One of the original bromances! This friendship stemmed all the way from middle school to college and only seemed to get stronger with time.

Meredith and Christina (and alcohol) on Grey’s Anatomy

While this relationship has had its dark times, a bottle of tequila always made it better.

Olivia and Huck on Scandal 

OK, maybe we wouldn’t want to third-wheel on a relationship as dramatic as this, but it’s nice to know someone has your back.


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