Debbie Allen turns 71 years old today, and you wouldn't believe it the way she still finds it in her body to move and dance. Her talents have taken her across the world as an overall entertainer and today she continues to keep the dance community alive and thriving. 

Ellen Pompeo is the latest star to fire back at haters who called her out for using Black emojis on Twitter.

Debbie Allen may be a professional, but she's always got time for a dance break!

Weeks after her husband’s death, Iman breaks her silence. The legendary model shared a message with the world after her husband of 24 years, David Bowie, passed away due to a battle with cancer. “‘Love and Gratitude, Iman,'” wrote the rock legend’s widow. Our thoughts are with Iman and Bowie’s loved ones during this difficult time. To all Grey’s […]

Chad Michael Murray might be staying under the radar, but it’s for a good reason. The 33-year-old actor is getting ready for one of the biggest roles in his life: becoming a father. In his latest interview with Bello magazine, Murray said: We couldn’t be more excited; it’s the greatest thing in the whole world. […]

Katherine Heigl has gotten a bad rep in Hollywood after she and former boss Shonda Rhimes had a nasty falling out. After removing herself from Emmy consideration while she starred on the Shonda-created Grey’s Anatomy, the actress has been rumored to have inspired Shonda’s strict “no a**hole policy.” Though she’s kept mum on the subject, Katherine admits […]

Hollywood may be behind when it comes to joining the youth-led movement to obtain justice for Michael Brown Jr. and all victims of police brutality, but Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams has become a familiar face in the fight. When we stopped to talk to him during Ferguson October’s weekend of resistance, a global call […]

Thursdays might as well be called Shonda Day. Whether you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, or all three, it’s safe to say Shonda Rhimes has given you life every Thursday with her hit TV shows. Rhimes’ popularity continues to grow with every new season, and she’s now one of the […]

In an article that should’ve been titled “How to Get Away With Being Racist in the New York Times,” one critic has become the talk of Twitter after referring to super successful television producer Shonda Rhimes as—get this—”an angry black woman.” Alessandra Stanley penned the column as a review of How to Get Away with Murder, a […]