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Thursdays might as well be called Shonda Day. Whether you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, or all three, it’s safe to say Shonda Rhimes has given you life every Thursday with her hit TV shows. Rhimes’ popularity continues to grow with every new season, and she’s now one of the highest paid writers in show business.

But even with all of her success, Rhimes has had to deal with her fair share of controversy. Being incredibly successful has not exempted her from dealing with race and gender biases.

“I find race and gender to be terribly important; they’re terribly important to who I am. But there’s something about the need for everybody else to spend time talking about it … that pisses me off,” she said.

Most recently, she was labeled an “angry black woman” by TV critic Alessandra Stanley in an essay for the New York Times. Well, Rhimes sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and responded to the essay with intelligence and poise – true Shonda fashion.

“In this world in which we all feel we’re so full of gender equality and we’re a postracial [society] and Obama is president, it’s a very good reminder to see the casual racial bias and odd misogyny from a woman written in a paper that we all think of as being so liberal,” she continued.

Rhimes has also had to deal with multiple controversies surrounding her shows’ cast-members. Whether it was Isaiah Washington allegedly calling T.R. Knight a homophobic slur, Katherine Heigl removing her name from Emmy consideration, or Columbus Short’s domestic violence debacle, each incident has only further solidified her position as a no-nonsense boss.

“I don’t put up with bullshit or nasty people. I don’t have time for it.”

Well said, Shonda. Looks like regardless of the controversy, Shondaland will continue to reign supreme on Thursday nights.

PHOTO CREDIT & SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter

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