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Today, Jesse Williams celebrates his birthday!

Best known for his role as Dr. Jackson Avery in Grey’s Anatomy, Jesse is a revered onscreen talent who is equally beloved for his efforts on behalf of the Black community. Exiting the award-winning series earlier this year, after 12 seasons of heat, he’s gone on to direct, spend quality time with his family, earn an Emmy nomination for his part in social issue documentary With Drawn Arms, and more. Jesse continues to be a man of  his people.

For his B-Day today, he hit Instagram with a photo dump, sharing pics of himself at various ages, alongside this message:

I will now participate in the time honored Happy Birfday This-is-your-Life photo dumping of the slides show. 🎂
It’s mos def a day of reflection and gratitude for the constant barrage of karmic gifts that has always been my life.

For real, THANK YOU for it ALL. 🤲🏽

Swipe left on his post below.

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Prior to his big day, Jesse’s loved ones were anxious to celebrate another trip around the sun and got the festivities going early. Yesterday, August 4, he posted a photo of a scrumptious dessert from his kids, adorned with the message “Happy Birthday Daddy.”

Join us in wishing the young King a happy, happy birthday. He appears to be single again after dating actress Taylour Paige (if Instagram is any indication), so ladies there may be some hope for you yet. More photos of Jesse, and all his sexiness, below.

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1. That smile is still everything.

2. We love an educated man.

3. What piercing eyes.

4. Handsome and cozy.

5. Saying goodbye.

6. More Blessings, Jesse!

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