Twitter Reacts To Jesse Williams Nude Performance On Broadway In case you’re not in tune with the happenings of the Twitterverse, former Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams, 40, landed a role in the Broadway play “Take Me Out,” which tells the story of a gay baseball player grappling with the decision to come out to […]

Winston Duke is set to star in a new Amazon biopic, Marked Man, as civil rights and political activist Marcus Garvey.

The SportsNet New York anchor might be a chose woman, and Twitter won't accept it.

Back in 2016, Colin Kaepernick announced that he would donate $1 million plus all the proceeds of his jersey sales in 2016 to “organizations working in oppressed communities.” The athlete broke up his donations to $100,000 per month and a few weeks ago, he finally reached $900,000. To finish his final $100k stretch, Colin announced on […]

We reported earlier that Jesse Williams and his estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee reached a joint custody agreement for their two kids. Though they reached an agreement for the sake of the children, this doesn’t mean its all flowers and roses between the two exes. If you let In Touch magazine tell it, they can’t even […]

It’s usually the women that do little petty things after a breakup or a fight — but in 2017, guys are giving ladies a run for their shady coin. Jesse Williams wasted no time throwing a little subtle shade at his soon-to-be ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee on Wednesday after settling his child custody feud with her. […]

Jesse Williams and his soon-to-be ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee have had a bit of a messy split. After previous reports that Aryn wanted sole custody of their kids and the reported backlash from Jesse, it seems the two have finally come to equal terms. According to TMZ, the estranged couple will have joint legal custody of […]

Jesse Williams continues to clap back at his estranged wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, for saying he’s not as involved in his children’s life. According to divorce documents filed by Aryn, she claimed Jesse constantly brought different women around their kids and he had anger issues. Now,TMZ claims that Jesse has filed documents of his own, slamming Aryn’s […]

Jesse Williams and soon-to-be ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee are still going through a pretty nasty custody battle — and now the gloves are coming off. In court docs that were released Monday, Aryn claimed that her and Williams’ two children are suffering emotional trauma after seeing their dad with a string of different women. The shocking statements […]

More information is surfacing when it comes to Jesse Williams‘ divorce with his wife Aryn Drake-Lee and it doesn’t look good. According to new divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Aryn has major issues with Jesse that has been kept under the radar and now she wants sole custody of their children. Aryn says in the […]

Almost two years after Colin Kaepernick knelled for the National Anthem, he can’t get signed to an NFL team. However, some celebs appear to have his back. And it looks like Jesse Williams is the latest star to put his money where his seat is and sat down during the singing of the anthem at the BIG3 […]