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The father of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza is speaking out for the first time about his son and the day that changed his life forever.

In an interview with The New Yorker, Peter Lanza claims that if he were present during that fateful day of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, he would be dead with his ex-wife.

“With hindsight, I know Adam would have killed me in a heartbeat, if he’d had the chance,” Lanza said. “I don’t question that for a minute. The reason he shot Nancy four times was one for each of us: one for Nancy; one for him; one for [his brother] Ryan; one for me.”

Adam shot and killed his mother, Nancy Lanza before reaching Sandy Hook Elementary, where he killed 20 children, six staff members and himself. Peter also claims that his son was always a “little weird” and wishes that he was never born.

“You can’t mourn for the little boy he once was. You can’t fool yourself.”

Peter also believed that in the past doctors misdiagnosed his son with Aspergers when he really had schizophrenia. Throughout the interview, Peter mentions that Nancy had no idea about Adam’s obsession with mass murders, and crime.

“She never confided to her sister or best friend about being afraid of him. She slept with her bedroom door unlocked, and she kept guns in the house, which she would not have done if she were frightened.”

While Peter Lanza continues to live with the memory of his son terrorizing the nation, he refuses to have remorse for his son and continues to pray for the families involved in the shooting.

To read more of his emotional and disturbing interview, click here.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, The New Yorker | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc.

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