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Director Jake Nava has worked with Beyonce numerous times over the years. (He directed Beyonce’s iconic “Crazy in Love” video back in 2003).

But the director really showed his ass this time with Bey: directing three of the sexier BEYONCE videos: “Grown Woman,”  “***Flawless” and “Partition.”

The folks at Fuse.TV caught up with Jake, who talks about shooting all three videos, including cool, new deets about each.

Some of the interesting things we learned watching the video above: while shooting the “Partition” video, Jay Z had to rush the scene because he had a show in London and they were in Paris. Also, the “***Flawless” video was inspired by 2 Tone nightclubs from the ’80s.

If you’re a Bey Stan, the video is definitely worth a couple moments of your time.


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