Brace yourself, fellas. We’ve got some news you might be interested in: Jhene Aiko is single.

Complex’s April/May cover girl has been thrust into the spotlight as of late, partly due to her soft and soothing voice and her collaborations with Drake and Childish Gambino. Through her songs and performances, it’s clear that the chanteuse shares quite the chemistry with both Drizzy and Daniel Glover, causing everyone to wonder: is she or isn’t she dating one or the other?

But Jhene’s much more than just a girl in an R&B love triangle–she’s a singer with a sound so unique she became the first artist to sign to No I.D.’s Atrium Records in 2011. But before that, she had her first record deal with Epic and toured with B2K, all before turning 15.

In her return to the music industry, Jhene released the Sailing Souls mixtape, one that introduced many fans to the singer she is today. Jhene told Complex:

“The ‘Sailing Souls’ mixtape, that was the height of me going through all of this stuff,” Jhene recalls. “I’d just had my daughter and I was working at a vegan cafe and I wanted to do this mixtape, so I was recording after work. I just needed to release all my frustration and my heartache and pain. It’s [easier] for me to write about that type of stuff than [happiness].”

So, what’s going on in her love life, you ask? Jhene put rumors to rest that have placed her in relationships with both Drake and Childish, and you’ll be happy to know that she’s only good friends with the both of them.

Jhene Aiko x Complex

On her relationship with Drake: 

“I look up to Drake. Everything in his whole career is commendable. He can act, he can rap, he can sing. I can relate to him…Everything he does, I take note because I feel like he’s doing a really good job of being, like, well-rounded. And not only that, he’s really talented. I’m always asking him for advice with stuff and trying to figure out how he deals with being such a celebrity.”

Her status with Childish Gambino:

“We’re both creative people. We are friends and we hang out. We’re just friends but I’m also single, so you never know what friendships can develop into. We like each other as people, so you know, who knows?”

On what it takes to be her man:

“I’m single. Not by choice. Only because I found now that when I talk to guys, they’re wary because they know about Donald, they know I’ve worked with Drake. They’re always side-eyed, suspicious. But I’m loyal in relationships. If I’m your girlfriend, that’s it…I can control myself. But if I’m single I don’t have anything I’m obligated to do for you. At the same time, I would like a man to take control and say ‘I don’t want you to talk to those guys.’ Give me rules. Yeah! Why not? Be a man.”

Did you all hear that? Insecure boys need not apply. Peep the rest of her interview over on Complex.


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