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Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and music entrepreneur Steve Rifkind have launched ADD52, a web portal designed to help emerging artists.

During an intimate event Tuesday night at Samsung’s Galaxy Experience pop-up venue at South by Southwest, the two released the latest partnership, named after their All Def Digital company and ADD52’s 52-week initiative. The ADD52 site will debut one single and video from an unsigned artist every week for an entire year, with the goal of getting those musicians more exposure and a record deal.

According to the ADD52 website:

-Each week a hit single will rise to the top with the help of fans and our advanced algorithm.

-The single of the week and the artist will then enter into our ADD52 A&R system and will be showcased across all of All Def Music and All Def Digital’s channels.

-The artist will gain mass exposure and a direct line into two of music’s greatest career makers, Russell Simmons and Steve Rifkind.

-If they like what they hear and see, the artist may be All Def Music’s next major recording artist.

The process is fairly easy and perhaps the greatest opportunity for an artist in our generation to gain recognition since American Idol.

Many artists have been finding fame via YouTube, a la Justin Bieber, and ADD52 is taking that to the next level. It not only allows artists to submit their music to the site, but also lets them promote themselves. Instead of artists just uploading the work onto YouTube and hoping someone sees it, ADD52 will serve as a digital talent scout using an algorithm that surfaces new musicians based on views, watch times, engagement, social activity, and more.

The chosen artists will be featured in Samsung’s newly launched ad-free radio service called Milk Music, be eligible to receive funds to produce music videos, and have access to studios and industry professionals.

“People need access. They need exposure. They need to be put in a place where they can grow. They need a vehicle for distribution,” says Simmons in the promo video for ADD52. “This type of artist empowerment marks huge progress for the music industry,” says Rifkind. “The artists will be featured on multiple platforms including Samsung’s new Milk radio service, ADD52 TV show hosted by DJ Skee as well as music for the HoopMixtape franchise, which collectively have viewership in the millions.”

Simmons, Rifkind, and Samsung partnered with entertainment company Universal Music Group and marketing agency Narrative_ to announce ADD52.

“Success will be driven by a variety of factors that start with user experience and ladder up to a whole new generation of superstars,” said Narrative_ CEO Tricia Clarke-Stone.

Stay tuned!

SOURCE: Mashable | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram