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When Pusha T isn’t busy moving that dope, he spends his spare time chatting with the fabulous folks of The Coveteur, spilling his hair and style secrets.

Or at least that’s what he did with his downtime on tour with 2 Chainz recently.

The Virginia rapper and his favorite Balenciaga sneakers sat down with the site to let us get to know the man behind the braids (which he gets done every week, by the same person for over a decade). For instance, did you know that he has “demo-litis?”

While you anxiously await the release of his latest album, keep on reading to find out what King Push had to say about his diagnosis, Versace, Versace, Versace, and high school stuntin’.

On his go-to look:

My everyday get-up is definitely black Balenciagas, black Acne Jeans, and a black t-shirt….Uniqlo actually. And that’s coming from a person who has like every Balmain tee, all types. Uniqlo, you can’t go wrong.

Being dope-boy fresh in high school:

When I was in high school it was strictly about Ralph Lauren. It was like a ‘dope-boy’ aesthetic; that was how you would tell who was who. If you had the polo chino jacket, everyone would know that you spent like $195 on it. Or if you had the snow beach sweater, everyone knew you spent $350 on it. So it was a status thing.

What Yeezy taught him:

The best thing I feel like he’s taught me, is that the song is never, ever done. It can always be better. When I first got over there I used to sort of complain because it would take so long to get the song finished. And when I thought the song was finished, he would think the verse needed to be rewritten, or that like something was wrong with the beat. I have something called ‘demo-litis’, when you make something and that’s the only way you can hear it. So he sort of broke me out of that. He’s pretty much right. You know, the song really is never done, and it does always get better the longer you work on it.

His first designer purchase:

The first designer purchase I made was definitely Versace. It was like some Versace pants or button down. When I was younger, I hung with older guys, and these guys were really fast and really in the streets and stuff,  and they used to teach me at the time that it was all about being fresh and sort of stuntin’. And the stunt was you go into the store and you buy the whole mannequin. ‘I want the whole mannequin,’ that’s what you’d tell them. So that’s what I did.

Read more over at The Coveteur.


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