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There are many things we should be worried about, and 50 Cent’s money isn’t one of them.

The self-proclaimed bad guy releases not one, but two new songs in an effort to promote the release of his forthcoming album, Animal Ambition.

Teaming up with Memphis rapper Yo Gotti, 50 Cent drops “Don’t Worry ‘Bout It,” along with another track titled “Hold On.”

“My closet full of that fly sh*t, black card when I buy shit/sell that sh*t you get high with/these n*ggas on my d*ck/ don’t worry about what I’m doing, don’t worry about what I’m doing,” raps 50.

50 is planning to release a new song every Tuesday until May 20. Animal Ambition will be released via his new label deal on June 3.

Take a listen to 50 and Gotti’s new collaboration, as well as “Hold On,” below.

50 Cent – “Hold On” 

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