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Will the Justin Bieber saga ever end?

It’s been a crazy year for the Biebs so far – from his DUI arrest, to the egging case, to his infamous deposition. This week, Bieber is still making headlines for his behavior during last week’s four-hour-long deposition.

According to E!Online, Mark DiCowden, the attorney representing the paparazzi who’s suing Bieber for battery, has filed a motion to depose Bieber once again.

But this time, Bieber may have to answer the forbidden questions about Selena Gomez.

DiCowden, who filed several motions last week, told E!:

“I’m looking for Bieber’s reappearance in a deposition to be answered truthfully, honestly, and provide his recollections as to incidents that occurred between him and his bodyguards, including the Selena Gomez incident.”

After being charged with a DUI in Miami and allegedly testing positive for weed and Xanax, Bieber decided to give his own explanation about his arrest.

According to TMZ, newly released documents state that Bieber told cops he had a hairline fracture on his right foot that was caused by a skateboarding accident 3 months earlier, which was why he couldn’t walk a straight line during his sobriety test.

The documents also reveal that the Biebs was being his usual sarcastic self. When the arresting officer revealed to Bieber that he wasn’t driving around in a Lambo at age 19, Bieber sharply replied:

“Yeah, well, I bet you didn’t have millions of dollars in your bank account either.”

At least it seems like Bieber is in the clear when it comes to the egging incident. Although he will be charged, the case will not go to trial.

TMZ revealed that the discussion between Howard Weitzman, Bieber’s lawyer, and the prosecutor will center around paying for the damage and pleading no contest to misdemeanor vandalism.

Bieber will not serve jail time, but will be placed on informal probation.


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