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Eleven years ago, Chingy was a rap superstar.

His debut album, Jackpot, went double platinum off the strength of “Right Thurr,” which shot to number one on the charts.

The summer of 2003 would be the peak of Chingy’s career: his second album Powerballin’ was a disappointment, scanning platinum but not having any memorable singles.

He also had a falling out with his boss Ludacris, leader of Disturbing tha Peace records, the label Chingy was signed to at the time. Chingy released another album a couple of years later, but for the most part the rapper’s career became a trivia question.

Although not in the spotlight, Chingy has a vibrant online presence. His Instagram is especially interesting.

Once just used as a site to show off his “gym flow,” the rapper’s posts have taken a more serious tone. A more spiritual tone. A more paranoid tone.

And, frankly, a more … crazy tone.

See what we mean below as we attempt to decode Chingy’s eccentric IG posts.

Even though their politics seem different, there’s no real difference between President Barack Obama and George W. Bush. 

Tupac’s spirit still flows inside of Chingy. 

The name of Tupac’s classic album All Eyez on Me was going to be When I Get Free.

Pac was planning on opening up a cafe called Powamekka Cafe (the muffins would have been bomb, we’re sure). 

Chingy’s third eye is very real and alert.

Why are certain drugs illegal, and others aren’t? (We’re not even going to attempt to decode the last couple of lines).

Well, this means, uh, yeah…let’s just move on.

We’re not sure about this one either.


Random: did you know that Chingy’s second album had a song produced by the legendary DJ Quik?  

Did you ever see this video of Chingy get hit by a bottle?

And when’s the last time you’ve heard “One Call Away?” Such a great song. 

OK, this one we get. Chingy is working on getting his degree in Kemetaphysics from Kemetian University. According to the college’s official site: “At the University of Kemetian Sciences, the mission is mastery, and the quest of mastery is the ultimate mission.”

Ahhh. OK.

Chingy’s graduation date: TBD.

SOURCE: Instagram 

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