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Ray J is back with a brand new sex tape, but we think it’s his co-star that will surprise you.

New video has surfaced of the singer getting down and dirty with none other than Joan Rivers. OK – they’re not really doin’ the dirty, but they’re both pretty great at faking it.

The pair teamed up to make this hilarious gag sex tape, which poked fun at Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s infamous leaked video from many years ago. In the video, Joan sports long, blond extensions and a silky pink robe, while Ray J rocks a black robe similar to the one from his first video.

Though Ray J and Joan’s romp in the sheets was just for laughs, TMZ reports that Vivid Entertainment big wig Steven Hirsch did meet with Joan Rivers to discuss having her star in one of his films – as his first GILF star.

“I’d pay her $100,000 right now!” he reportedly told TMZ.

Check out Ray J and Joan’s hilarious video above.