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A mother of two young children is currently in a coma after getting a routine procedure done on her wisdom teeth.

Kristen Tavares had her wisdom teeth extracted, but is now in a coma after going into cardiac arrest following the surgery.

According to Hawaii News Now, Tavares was said to be very healthy and fit, which is another reason why the tragic turn of events is extremely unusual for what was supposed to be a routine dental procedure.

Her boyfriend, and also the father of her kids who are 4-years-old and 3 months, said of the horrible case:

“She went into cardiac arrest and they had to use a defibrillator and shocked her, stunned her heart. We have to wait and see. They will run tests in the next few days or so but there is no timeline on what or when. It just takes time from here.”

The news outlet also reported:

Tavares’ father tells us she didn’t have any other medical conditions or allergies that would have been a factor. He says she is young and in great shape. The family says Dr. John Stover performed the procedure. He has offices in Hilo, Kona and Waimea and also does cosmetic surgery. His website says he is triple board certified and has training, license and experience in various types of anesthesia. Court documents show he has been sued for medical malpractice in the past, but it was dismissed.

The family of Tavares is also reportedly struggling to take care of both of her children while they keep track of her health progression.

Her boyfriend is staying by her side while the two children stay with family.

We pray for the family of Kristen Tavares and hope she wakes up healthy.