Dr. Trevor Thomas is the celebrity and community cosmetic dentist behind transforming some of the brightest smiles in Hollywood. We had the opportunity to spotlight his phenomenal work in the entertainment industry and his community of Corona, California, where he established his practice. 

The family of a Houston, TX toddler is devastated after their four-year-old daughter Nevaeh Hall was left with severe brain damage following a trip to the dentist.

After hitting up game three of the Brooklyn Nets Vs. Toronto Raptors playoff series yesterday, Rihanna was spotted taking NYC by storm – first with BFF Katy Perry and Diplo at 1 Oak last night, and next at her dentist’s office today. We all remember Drake pulling out the lint roller while courtside last week. […]

A mother of two young children is currently in a coma after getting a routine procedure done on her wisdom teeth. Kristen Tavares had her wisdom teeth extracted, but is now in a coma after going into cardiac arrest following the surgery. According to Hawaii News Now, Tavares was said to be very healthy and […]

This is probably the funniest thing you’ll see all day. Kourtney Kardashian took a trip to the dentist and we don’t know what went wrong, but it left her mouth in a very awkward position. When you watch the video above, you’ll notice that when Kourtney attempts to speak, her mouth slants up and outward… […]