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Cue the applause, Lady Gaga’s got another over-the-top performance in the form of an 11-minute video for “G.U.Y.” and no, there’s no vomiting involved. Yay. With parts of it set in the opulent Hearst Castle in Cali, Mother Monster does not disappoint, delivering plenty of YAAAAS-worthy looks.

Let’s review them all, shall we?

“G.U.Y.” begins as a group of suit-clad men are fighting amongst each other over money that’s strewn across an open field with Lady Gaga as a wounded bird, face-down in the dirt after being stricken by a custom-made Haus of Gaga arrow through the back. Hmmmm. What ever could that mean?

And so it begins. This is ARTPOP, guys.

The wounded bird finds herself at the castle, where she’s wrapped in flowers and emerged into a pool for a deep cleansing, which was probable necessary considering she was just lying in a dirty ditch surrounded by dirty guys who did her dirty by taking all of her monies and whatnot. She’s just a dirty, dirty girl.

And out from the pool emerges the new-and-improved Gaga–she’s a vision in white. Pure, clean, innocent, she rises like a Phoenix from the proverbial ashes, except she’s much more fabulous in Jean Paul Gaultier.

Enter Donatella Gaga. It looks as though that pool had mystic hair-changing colors. Gaga’s presented in front of a hedge of white roses, and in case you haven’t caught on yet, white symbolizes innocence and purity. Gaga is innocent and pure and cleansed of the vomit and vile that the music industry has spewed onto her bangin’ body. But seriously, that white one-piece is killer.

And what does the color blue symbolize? Truth, peace, order, loyalty, etc., etc. Lady Gaga now encompasses/is all of those things. And is naked. With the exception of those white fishnet stockings. Because nothing sets off a look like fishnet stockings do. Ask Nicki Minaj.

Gaga ditches the one-piece for another white ensemble and a dance break underneath an arch of pink roses, which symbolize love, gratitude and appreciation. If we know one thing about LG, it’s that her fans have gotten her through tough times, so maybe this is her subliminal way of saying, “Thanks, y’all.” You’re welcome, Gaga.

Oh, and then she slipped into something a little more sexy…..

No, not that couture paper piece from Bea Szenfeld. This swimsuit from POL did the trick.

If that didn’t tickle your fancy, how about this latex look from Atsuko Kudo x Charlie Le Mindu?

Or maybe this swimsuit from La Perla? Thought so.

Lady Gaga’s got it and doesn’t mind flaunting it, but one of her more interesting looks came in the form of Legos. Literally. Remember when she sang “Pop culture was in art, now art’s in pop culture, in me?” This is Lady Gaga in Legos and Legos in Lady Gaga constructed by New-York based artist Nathan Sawaya. It makes so much sense now.

And this is topless Lady Gaga in jeans. Versace jeans, to be exact.

But back to the storyline. Innocent Gaga is no more. She’s back with a vengeance in a Helen Yarmak coat. Her Arturo Rios headpiece is pretty badass, but let us not overlook that weapon she’s holding. She’s locked and loaded and ready for revenge.

Here comes trouble in a haute couture Somarta jumpsuit: Gaga, along with her trusty Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sidekicks, make their way into a corporate office and attack those same suit-clad men from the beginning of the video before, claiming their territory as her own. Bow down, bitches.

And then she lived happily ever after. But no video of hers would be complete without a final dance number. All’s well that ends well, especially when it ends in a plastic two-piece. Yaass, Gaga.


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