Lady Gaga wears a foil-looking outfit when out and about in NYC

Well, this is one way to keep warm.

Lady Gaga delivered over a dozen looks in the new “G.U.Y.” video that had us like, “YAAAS, GAGA, YAAAS.” But for the past few days, she’s been out and about in New York City in outfits that have us more like, “WTF?”

But then we remembered: It’s just Gaga being Gaga.

Yesterday, Mother Monster touted around town in tin foil, shining bright like the superstar that she is.

When we saw Gaga headed to the Today show on Saturday, we applauded her for wearing a pretty practical outfit–with the exception of those sky-high platform stilettos. But again, this is Gaga we’re talking about here.

Then things just started to take a turn for the weird (see above).

Lady Gaga wears her hair long while while leaving her apartment in New York City

Like when she served ski-mask realness in a pretty pink coat that same day to go to yoga. That’s one accessory you won’t find in your Lululemon catalog.

Lady Gaga spotted wearing a pink coat while arriving at The Yoga Spot in New York City

It’s also her favorite: Same day, same ski mask. This time, she was studio-bound. With snow being in the forecast this week, we can only assume she’s just trying to be prepared for a little precipitation. Her boxy coat has some fringe appeal and looks pretty heavy duty, but those pants probably aren’t the most practical. Just saying.

Lady Gaga stepped out in a bizarre outfit yesterday as she arrived at the studio, NYC

On Monday, she reemerged and seemed to brighten up, wearing a slinky sweater dress and sunnies, getting out style stamp of approval (as if she really needs it).

Lady Gaga spotted wearing yellow sunglasses and holding a yellow handbag while arriving at Z100 radio station in New York City

It wasn’t too long until she got back to her regular self, giving us glitter in Christian Cowan-Sanluis with her platinum blonde pony in her clutch. Weave game too strong.

Lady Gaga steps out in the sparkling pink suit and extremely stacked platform shoes in Tribeca, NYC

And for outfit number three of the day: the foil. Nope, she wasn’t wrapped in an emergency blanket from her first-aid kit. It was a Gareth Pugh original. Although we really wouldn’t be surprised if she really did step out in a roll of Reynolds Aluminum Foul to be honest.

Lady Gaga spotted wearing a foil outfit while arriving at her apartment building, after promoting her latest album G.U.Y in New York City

In just a few days, Gaga’s given us a week’s worth of wacky. And based on the fact that her birthday is this Friday, we’re willing to bet that she’s just getting started.


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