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National Agriculture day is here and we couldn’t be more thrilled. After all, where do you think Whole Foods gets those yummy berries from?

According to Farm Futures, there are many people responsible for getting you the best food and veggies to your dinner table from all over the country.

Many of them are family farmers, working hard through the year to help grow and produce your favorite foods. Chandler Goule of the National Farmers Union says that farmers are the most important people in the food industry.

“Family farmers constitute 96% of all farms in the United States and 45% of the world’s population makes its living directly from farming,” pointed out Chandler Goule, senior vice president of programs for the National Farmers Union. “Without family farmers, there would be no National Ag Day,” he said.

With that being said here are some reasons you should hug a farmer (if you can find one) today:

1. They resist the urge to surf the web all day.

2. They have a great sense of humor.

3. Your favorite fruit is their favorite fruit! 

4. Instead of taking a nap, they get creative when they’re bored.

5. They’re constantly attacked by their herd for you. 

6. They can never take a vacation. Those avocados don’t pop up out of nowhere! 

7.  They head to bed early and miss Scandal…Just. For. You.  

8. Mirages just don’t occur in deserts. Farmers go a little coconuts too. 

9. They are really, really, REALLY happy when there’s a great batch of crops. 

10. Farmers are big part of the foods you love to eat. Besides, we doubt you would want to work for hours in the blistering sun. 

Go hug a farmer today! 

SOURCE: Farm Futures | PHOTO CREDIT: Tumblr